Designed for all of us, the masses, including you! It’s about community!

The story of us, could bend your mind, cause you to scratch your head as we’re simply an eclectic voice of likeminded, citizens bound together as teammates for social good.

The Bible says, “You cannot help others without helping yourself.” with pure hearts for social good was born on the principle of helping others and their communities.

Our mission is to save the planet, protect the life of your child and fully fund your child, and every child, within your community with a higher education!

We’re a group of giant hearted nerds of all types, ages, and backgrounds. Included are the tech guys who have played for those giant companies everyone knows, the bean counters who keep track and make sure there’s a nickel left, the cheesy group of know it all’s within the travel industry having supported billions of dollars in sales over the last few decades, a multitude of tree huggers and entrepreneurial global business development types, gathered together as teammates. Ultimately a unique cast of characters wanting to be part in bringing communities closer together to enhance the lives of each and every soul within the community.

Change your life, change your future, help change the world, help your community, get involved, make more money, make a difference, make yourself happy, spend time with your family, travel the world!!!

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Provides the tools to… help you, help yourself, help others, travel & truly enjoy this life on earth!



For those of you who have the resources to travel and enjoy life freely;

Join Us, we’ll save you time, save you money and enhance your life.

For those of you that do NOT travel or enjoy your life;Understand, we’ll help you, enjoy your life & travel more!

You get paid Huge 40% Commission’s for each full member when you

We at are giving of ourselves to help you and others.

has taken the first step!

simply needs you to

We WON’T waste your time.

We help you make money.

We save you money.

We save you time.

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To make a friend you must first be a friend. If you want to put a smile on someone’s face, show them you care, send them a Gift Card… That always works!

We’re a bridge that connects the community together, a voice for social good!

When you’re ready for our services we’ll be there!

If you know your community, the good, the great, and where those hidden gems are, simply pays you to share that wealth of knowledge.

Get paid to utilize ‘s Power Engine Trip Planner. ‘s Power Engine Trip Planner makes it easy for you to create itineraries with built in treasure maps. You get paid when visitors utilize/select a pre-made itinerary that you’ve created, visitors pick up on the hidden gems you sprinkle within the itinerary, even if they customize it!

Get paid, helping grow by Nudging & Incentivizing Businesses you know.

(Businesses with the goods and services you have personally enjoyed.)

One by one each community becomes a global movement to redefine success in business, enriching every life.

Nothing could be better than humbly traveling the planet as you wish, emptying your bucket list and with just a little effort having it all paid for.

(As a byproduct of your support, with hardly any effort you become a big supporter in helping to save the planet while also protecting and providing every child within your community a fully funded higher education.)

There is a lot of synergy between TJ & The rGreen Consortium both have common interest in the need to recruit top societal influencers to be “Ambassadors”.

Ambassadors that among other things become a presence in the local community by attending community meetings and events. These Ambassadors are Building and organizing resources that are shared between citizens, local business, Local industry, and Local government. rGreen Consortium initiates conversations and initiatives that create Crowd (funded) economies within each local community.

The difference is we plan to give those trillions of dollars back to you.

TJ, the rGreen Consortium and our closest relationships are all working on initiatives that will soon pay you for everything you do in today’s connected world. Whether you do it on our site(s), on your site, on 3rd party sites, in apps, data of all types from both the online and offline world,

We simply do not care where the data is from. We just make sure you get paid for it!

You have value, huge value in all you do every day. Big business has kept it from you, it is time you get paid for everything you do, everything!

Big business has made trillions selling your data. Big business treats data as a commodity and so do we.

We dream that one day all companies will compete, not only to be the best in the world, but the best for the world.

Recognizing the true value of an individual’s data and paying them for it is completely different than how the mass of businesses out in the world do business, we’re different.

We first ask for your permission to use specific types of data coming from your everyday life.

We plan to instantly compensate you for your time, efforts, data, even the garbage coming from your home among other things.

Together with rGreen Consortium we are producing disruptive revolutionary processes.

This is just the beginning of some of the rocket fuel initiatives we have coming to you!!!

We need your help, currently we would like you to take the first step and do one thing,

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