Becoming a Traveljolly Certified Pro member is the best thing that will ever happen to you and it’s fairly simple, all you have to do is understand every link and content on the entire Traveljolly website and it’s subsidiaries, move through the levels earning Badges and Points at each completed level which moves you up on our leaderboards, the more points, and levels you earn the more money you will make. Becoming a Certified TJ Member opens up the doors for you to Coach and Mentor other Non-Certified members through the process of how TravelJolly Works.

Through The Entire Journey Of TJ University You Will Learn And Take Tests On Everything TravelJolly.

Since you are going to be working remotely, we will be asking a lot of questions along the TJ University Journey because we want to know who you are and what will best suit you here at TravelJolly using groups to organize different talents and workforce. Be Honest in your answers as your mentor cannot be fooled, they will know when you lie.


                     1.) Fully Understand How TJ Works

     2.) Get The TravelJolly Prime APP

                   3.) Share Your Affiliate Link

4.) Send 25 Gift Cards

                       5.) Earn The Senior Badge

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